Electrum Clean White Fashion Forward Indoor Carpet

SmartStrand Electrum Clean White Fashion Forward Indoor Carpet

by SmartStrand

Product Information

Item #: 354410
Model #: SRN15-12-L008

  • Breakthrough stain and soil protection built into every fiber no topical chemicals added
  • Built in stain and soil protection will never walk off, wash off or wear off
  • Most stains can be cleaned with just hot water
  • Warranted against stains like pet urine (cat and dog) mustard, hot coffee, and red wine
  • Inherent exceptional durability
  • Passed a walk test of over 20000 footsteps simulating an entire year of foot traffic with flying colors
  • Engineered for superior resiliency and crush resistance
  • Incredible softness you can sink your feet into
  • Stylish look and soft feel for a clean healthy environment

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